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“A Cure to Freedom Appeal”

For more Facts about Multiple Sclerosis please visit MS Society of NSW/VIC website.

In May 2006 Carmel’s husband Jim Dagiandis at the age of 33 was diagnosed with MS, (Multiple Sclerosis) since then he has had numerous re-lapses, which at times have left him debilitated. Carmel and Jim have two young children, which have been extremely brave and shown great courage through this trying time. Carmel and Jim believe that drawing strength, love and support from each other is what helps them through this difficult life long journey.

It is alarming to us that for example 80% of MS sufferers lose their jobs within the first 10 years of diagnosis, due to employer’s not supporting their employees, or that the illness doesn’t permit them to work any longer. It costs MS sufferers 160 million dollars p.a in medical expenses out of their own pockets, given that there is only approx 16,000 Australian sufferer’s and that number is increasing by 1,000 new cases every year, this is a huge expense. As the illness progresses the expense grows with it for e.g. a motorized wheelchair costs approx $5,000, modifying their homes with ramps, hand rails, etc. can cost thousands.

One has to ask these employer’s, how will these costly necessities be met without income?

It is so important to raise the much needed awareness MS needs, it's not an old peoples illness it strikes young people in the prime of their lives, with young families, people like ourselves and you. Jim and Carmel never in their wildest dreams thought this could happen to them, but it did.

Vince and Carmel decided to be proactive and use the business to raise funds for the MS Society and MS Research Foundation, with your help we can make a difference to many people’s lives affected by MS. GRO is utilizing their services and joining in the fight to cure this insidious disease. Hence, the birth of - "A Cure to Freedom Appeal” - How does your home loan contribute to the Appeal? GRO Financial Services donates 10% upfront and 10% of the ongoing home loan sales commission for the life of your home loan.

This means that you pay no additional fees or interest rates on the best mortgages available, while at the same time you will be contributing to the great work of the MS Society. With up to 1,500 home loan products and over 30 lenders for you to choose from - including ANZ, Bank West, Commonwealth Bank, HomeSide, ING, Macquarie Bank, RAMS, St George, Suncorp, Westpac and many more others - you can now obtain any home loan and support the needs of all who are effected by MS and help maintain crucial ongoing research into finding a cure. Fees and interest rates are not increased to provide this support.

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